Energy costs can add up and eat into your profit as a business. Steps to reduce your energy bill may be simple. But the savings can add up quickly, because you’ll keep more of your profits month after month. We have the most cost effective and appropriate solutions to suit your needs and ensure you not only reduce the escalating costs of electricity but also, that you do your bit for the environment and be seen to be doing so even by your customers . 


  • No yearly upgrades/license fees or upgrades fees levied on the systems and products
  • Our solutions are customer responsive 
  • Our products are designed and manufactured locally thereby creating jobs for local manufacturing companies  
  • Offer of continued support throughout product usage lifecycle 
  • Additional opportunity to gain mileage for your business through the consumer African magazine (offer limited to lodges, B n B’s and hotels) that has a readership of upwards of 10,000 consumers 
  • Palace Group has the experience, expertise to provide the most cost effective and sustainable solution no matter the budget you may have provided you are serious and committed to controlling and monitoring your electricity bill as well as keeping Eskom and utility providers’ bills checked monthly so you don’t struggle with unexplained high bills with no solution. 

Benefits to your business financially and savings for your home exceed the initial capital for the purchase of the device.