The Best of Green Brands and Products

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Eco Zambi a is an NGO that is based in Zambia, with a focus on eco-friendly behaviours. The organisation states that its goal is to “trigger positive changes in order to limit negative impacts on our habitat. We also aim to improve our livelihoods.”


The waste management awareness activities have been developed to reach responsible waste management in local communities in Zambia, at schools and within the homes of consumers.


There are activities the organization has designed to encourage audiences to become active with successful recycling practices.


When it comes to water and sanitation, the focus is on water use as well as the security thereof: “Personal care through safe sanitation and hygiene has an impact on our life and the environment.”


Whether it’s a gift for an eco-conscious friend or whether you’re just keen to get your housemate on board with plastic-free wrapping, this set contains everything you need to get started with BuzzyWrap. Get it from


blindsI am sure most of you have heard the radio ad, but what one misses is the eco-friendly aspect to these blinds. Hearing the advert several times on radio makes you want to go straight to the shop to get one of these or, at least, see what the big fuss is all about. We found a reason to like the Sheerweave roller blinds and that is that they are eco-friendly.

As per their description, this range is made from materials that have a smaller carbon footprint – thus the reason we feature them in this selection.

Head to their website for more info:


consolDuring daytime, the solar jar stores energy whilst releasing light at night. This is not only sustainable but also fun for the family. It is an easy form of “greening your world.”

There are various uses of the solar jar:

  • Braais
  • Garden lighting
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Decorating the dinner table
  • Camping