May 2015

Are Hybrid Cars the Future for Africa?


According to a survey conducted by Accenture, consumer expectations state that a reduction in fuel usage or elimination of fuel is not a primary concern. Reliability, performance and affordability are the drivers to consumer interests in hybrid cars.

Are South African Green Homes Bankable?


There is a need for South African banks to make green homes bankable by providing incentives to home buyers and existing home owners that will give further rise to the greening of homes.

The Green In Coffee


Nespresso currently recycles its capsules, an initiative I truly appreciate and applaud. Interestingly, Woolworths is testing the recycling of used coffee grinds to, for example, grow wheatgrass or produce compost. What makes their coffee “green though?”

African grown cotton


While your 100% organic cotton socks from Woolies may measure up in terms of being from a naturally sourced fibre, free from pesticides, how were they processed? How much water was used? Were the workers compensated fairly?

EY Green rated building


EY’s own working world has undergone a complete transformation as we reap the benefits of our exciting new office premises at 102 Rivonia Road.