July 2016

Lest you Forget, Plastic Recycling is REAL business


One man’s trash, is someone else’s treasure is often the adage used, applicable to plastic bottles. It was Albert Einstein who is quoted as having said ; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” How true of the major challenges we are faced with as a society in so far as plastic waste is concerned. We created these problems we now complain about, even if most would argue it is the conglomerates with their thirst for profits and dis regard for the environment that have brought us to this point. Whatever your views are, we must solve this problem.

Dressed for the LONG Haul


The key to sustainability is balancing our needs with that of the planet. Maintaining good bodily health and nutrition, therefore, should not compromise the health and longevity of the environment. As eco-consciousness continues to rise, many South Africans are opting for a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian diet, rather than embracing the meat loving, braai-making, pap-eating culture of the past.

Carbon Neutral Schools: Africa’s GREENEST Schools


Electricity access in Africa remains a challenge, with the majority of the population relying on charcoal, kerosene, and candles. Schools are not exempt from energy poverty: the UN estimates that 90 percent of African children are enrolled in schools that do not have power. Some facilities are taking the matter into their own hands.

Join the e-Butler Family for Free


These are some of the frustrations that we always get confronted with:

“Where do they think we get the time to come and stand in these long queues for their mistakes in these invoices?”The queue is just too long, I am late for my next meeting, one needs to take the whole day to come and

Country Focus: Magical KENYA


The past few years haven’t always been easy for Kenya. Social and political instability, and terror attacks have been some of the main issues. There is, however, another much brighter side to Kenya’s story, one which is ruled by a healthy eco- and fair-trade tourism industry, successful wildlife conservation efforts, and booming renewable energy and organic farming sectors.