Green People

Lest you Forget, Plastic Recycling is REAL business


One man’s trash, is someone else’s treasure is often the adage used, applicable to plastic bottles. It was Albert Einstein who is quoted as having said ; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” How true of the major challenges we are faced with as a society in so far as plastic waste is concerned. We created these problems we now complain about, even if most would argue it is the conglomerates with their thirst for profits and dis regard for the environment that have brought us to this point. Whatever your views are, we must solve this problem.

Africa needs to tap into Poo/Pee Power


No matter how nice you try to turn it, the business of raw sewage is not ‘cool’ –  but this could be the solution to the electricity menace in Africa. Roughly 645 million people on the continent do not have access to electricity, a key component in pushing Africa’s development agenda ahead.

Ada Osakwe – From investment banker to health food queen


She was destined to a bright future at the World Bank, IMF, or perhaps even the African Union. Ada Osakwe has the academic paperwork and a wealth of experience to prove it. The thirty-something-year-old from Lagos wanted more from life, and a promising career in banking and finance wasn’t part of that. So, three years ago, she set up a fresh juice company, Nuli Juice, followed by a chain of proudly Nigerian health food lounges. 

Gro Brundtland: the godmother of global sustainability


She was the first to coin the phrase ‘sustainable development’, some thirty years ago. Ever since, Gro Harlem Brundtland has been instrumental in keeping green issues on the global political agenda, which eventually led to last year’s historical Paris Agreement. 

How do Kenyan consumers view green issues?



Kenya continues to demonstrate its commitment towards the mitigating effects of global warming through various ways, including the signing of local bills and international agreements.

Kenya recently signed the Paris Agreement which, according to the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Water, and Natural Resources, Judi Wakhungu, will form part of Kenya’s laws.

The agreement, ratified on January 27th, 2017, allows developing countries that bear the brunt of the climate change, to receive finances from developed countries to aid in environmental conservation strategies.