Green Opinion

Are South African Green Homes Bankable?


There is a need for South African banks to make green homes bankable by providing incentives to home buyers and existing home owners that will give further rise to the greening of homes.

Lest you Forget, Plastic Recycling is REAL business


One man’s trash, is someone else’s treasure is often the adage used, applicable to plastic bottles. It was Albert Einstein who is quoted as having said ; “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” How true of the major challenges we are faced with as a society in so far as plastic waste is concerned. We created these problems we now complain about, even if most would argue it is the conglomerates with their thirst for profits and dis regard for the environment that have brought us to this point. Whatever your views are, we must solve this problem.

Country Focus – Mozambique


Mozambique is an economic giant that is slowly awakening and rising to its full potential. However, this growth comes with challenges.