April 2016

Will Drought Steal my Tea?


TEA is as much a tradition in many households as wine is, after an evening meal. In my household, my parents, mother and father alike used to request their after-supper cup of tea almost daily (causing me and my siblings to stay as far away from the lounge as possible, until of course your name

Green People Living Extraordinarily Green Lives


Living a green lifestyle may seem a daunting task for some, but in reality, there are small changes that every ordinary person can make to impact the environment positively. We chat to a few South Africans that are happily living their green lives, saving the planet one green place, product and practice at a time. 

Lulu Bam Herkt, Director of Crea8 International, is an avid outdoor enthusiast. “My favourite green places are Delta Park and the Braamfontein Spruit Trail. There is just nothing like a jog along the river in the park to bring out the environmentalist in you.”

Mpact Recycled PET plant a green matter


From Editor’s Desk

So today I drove to Germiston for the Mpact’s recycled PET plant. What a great project this is. Supported by the IDC, which provided a R210m loan facility as well as R30million for its 21% equity stake, it is a plant of several firsts. Hon Min of Environmental Affairs Ms. Edna Molewa was

Country Focus: Rwanda


Twenty two years ago, Rwanda was ripped apart by hatred of the highest order. Today, the Land of a Thousand Hills is a stable nation with a growing Gross National Product and a booming green economy. From banning plastic bags and using tourism for the protection of

Eating you way to a healthier planet (and body)


The key to sustainability is balancing our needs with that of the planet. Maintaining good bodily health and nutrition, therefore, should not compromise the health and longevity of the environment. As eco-consciousness continues to rise, many South Africans are opting for a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian