Mountain Forest Hotel in guizhou, china’s wanfeng valley, is “a carbon-sucking, sky-high marvel” that has been designed by architect firm, Stefano Boeri Architetti, China. This unique and mind blowing hotel is said to be so green that it is expected to improve the air that surrounds it. The mountain forest hotel, which includes services such as a gym, lounge, vIp area, bar, restaurant and conference room, is due to open its doors mid-2017. Stefano Boeri said in an interview that buildings have to take care of nature. the 31 200 square-meter development’s design is aimed at restoring the landscape, through the reconstruction of a former existing hill, flattened many years in the past.


“Sustainability not only depends on energy conservation, but on a wider biodiversity. the symbiosis between man, architecture and nature is the real sustainability,” states the architect firm in a statement released to us