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How Covid 19 is driving changes in the fight against climate change


Green Global – India

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, there remains the desire and the goals to ensure that top carbon emitters cut back on their overall emissions. The latest report comes from India, and it is fascinating to know that India has been able to reduce the carbon emissions, for the past few

Are you paying too much for your electricity bill?


The cost of living is high and it is not about to slow down. Monthly bills emanating from inefficient use of electricity and poor management of energy appliances often leads to high electricity bills incurred by both consumers and business owners. Some have been shocked at their exorbitant electricity bills because of estimated billings by

Kikombe cha chai, tafadhali ( A cup of tea please)


When you mention tea in Kenya people become lively. It is said that if you want to know you are a valued visitor in any household, hot tea be prepared – be it black or white.The Kenyan government has been pushing farmers towards the specialty tea zones – perhaps because of their high global demand. Tea was first introduced in the country around 1904, data from the Tea Research Institute of Kenya shows. Specialty teas grown in Kenya, namely; purple tea, white tea, black orthodox tea, green and hibiscus, are becoming equally popular with customs blends and tea cocktail parties rising as “the in thing” among the haves.

Smart Consumer Guide


We have been exploring how best to simplify the entire “smart living” theme. Each edition has a page dedicated to simple tips on smart living. Here are some very simplified tips that we felt we should recap again, seeing as we start a new season. 

Reduce meat consumption – Buy local fruits and vegetables as opposed

Opportunities in Africa: Lessons from Liberia


By Karin Ireton

Africa; is it the Dark Continent or a land of opportunity? It’s the old story. One can look at Africa and see problems. But, some positive news are reported from Liberia. Four-G connectivity is live and functioning in Liberia, or at least it is in Monrovia. The hustle and bustle on the