The cost of living is high and it is not about to slow down. Monthly bills emanating from inefficient use of electricity and poor management of energy appliances often leads to high electricity bills incurred by both consumers and business owners. Some have been shocked at their exorbitant electricity bills because of estimated billings by utilities and municipalities. A recent on South Africa’s cautious consumer put the total South African consumers who are living from pay check to pay check to be at fifty five percent (55%). The report found that ‘most South Africans are making cautious financial decisions.’ These consumers are delaying making purchases or cutting back on spending completely.  



According to AGE Editorial Director Zanele Mlambo, with the use of an energy consumption monitoring meter, householders and business owners have one less thing to worry about. “The meter doesn’t interfere with existing municipal meters, it merely captures actual consumption records and thus, for each bill received, as a consumer, you can compare and identify incorrect bills charged on your account,” Mlambo states.

Zanele delivering her presentationThe report you receive from your check meter can be used to dispute your electricity bill. It provides an effective way of monitoring the bill you received against your actual consumption,” adds Mlambo. Accordingly, all consumers are entitled to pay only for what they have consumed, and not inflated bills.




Manage your Geyser, Pool Pump or Aircons Remotely from anywhere, anytime (Install LoadSwitch Device once and control your appliances or loads through the Android app)

Whilst for many, there is always a challenge with managing and controlling non-essential loads, such as geysers, pool pumps and lights for example. The load switch provides an effective solution to control and manage usage of energy remotely, ie via your phone. Using an app that is built on android, the device can be turned off and on from anywhere you may be. “You can have a set schedule and adjust this from the comfort of your office or whilst travelling via the app if required,” explains Mlambo. The app is free.

Through reduced waste on electricity, consumers have extra cash in their pocket from the monthly savings they will get from decreased electricity bills. By using energy efficiently, consumers help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and this contributes to a healthier planet

The products are designed by Palace Group, and are manufactured locally, i.e. in South Africa.  Orders and requests for more info, including quotes and assessments can be made via the contact form on this website. has a background on the rich history of the products owner and successful implementation of similar products in South Africa.