By Zanele Mlambo (AGE Editorial Director)



‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ An idiom I learnt back when I was in primary school. I must have been a bit overzealous in applying this, though. How so, you ask? I would get lost in a book and spent hours on end learning and discovering new things through literature.


I immersed myself in acquiring knowledge that enhanced and educated my life and that caused me to be a little more advanced than my classmates as most of my time was spent raiding my older brother and sister’s literature collection. Mind you, my brother is about seven years older than me. My sister is four years my senior so I really did get an early head start. But time, for me, seemed to be running a bit slow; I wanted things to move faster and I was always looking for the next challenge to take on. I always felt there was a limit to my life on this earth and I had to achieve my goals way ahead of schedule, whatever my aspirations were at the time. Such is the folly of youth.

Recently, with far more hindsight, I realized that I was in a rush to be a grown up. Instead of spending my primary school years playing and not worrying about high school textbooks, I read literature that were aimed at children seven years older than me. At that age I should have spent more time on the simple things in life. Whilst I have no regrets whatsoever, as I benefited from that drive and thirst for knowledge and learning, I feel blessed to be in a position whereby, through the platform of this magazine, I am, again, acquiring knowledge in whatever is happening around the world. I am now only mindful of TIME limitations. With a young family and the ever-ending lists of to-do’s, it means I can only do so much in a day.

One of the most exciting developments on the continent is the rise of eco-entrepreneurs as well as start-ups that have sustainability as their foundation. One such business is Nuli Juice. If you have never heard of the founder and woman behind this business, Ada, then where have you been? We are excited and thankful that she took time out of her busy schedule to share some insights into her organic juice business based in Lagos. What a breath of fresh air. That, and much more, is in this issue of AGE. Time being all relative, I implore you to read her story on page 36 and enjoy the rest of the issue.


Worth Knowing

Solar power prices have dropped significantly in India. This is a very welcome and excellent news snippet coming from the world’s third largest carbon emitter. This is a win for India as it seeks to increase the amount of energy it generates from renewable energy.

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