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FREQUENCY: Four issues per annum 

CIRCULATION: Current figures not available 

READERSHIP: 7,000 estimate figures based on circulation stats from 2016

ABC: AGE is ABC audited.

TYPE: An issues and lifestyle driven content magazine, on the state of the green agenda in Africa.

FOCUS: PEOPLE, PLACES, PRODUCTS and BRANDS in the green space.

TARGET MARKET: For aspirational as well as affluent travellers and all consumers of goods, products and services on the African continent.


PRINT RETAIL editions are available at Exclusive Books and SPAR stores nationwide (South Africa) and in select territories in Africa. We also have limited free copies, placed at strategic locations; premier airport lounges, five star hotels and some café’s in suburb urban areas

DIGITAL edition available to subscribers of the magazine from across the continent online and on Magzter platform.


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(EFFECTIVE Valid to March 2018)

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  • Distributed to captive consumer market – no clutter

  • Reach an established market of travellers (leisure &

  • Increase awareness of your brand/company’s products/ideas

  • Position your brand/product/ideas as responsible to the earth,
    green, kind to the environment and sustainable

  • Reach new markets


  • As an advertiser in AGE magazine, you get complimentary notifications on new products being listed in the Directory, access to the AGE Directory and access to legislative news on topics covered in the magazine

  • You get limited discounts for training/workshops run by AGE’s partners for your staff

  • You get a limited discount on the green products available in the GREEN SHOP

Our bonus offer may be withdrawn by the Publisher without prior notice. All advertising rates are subject to terms and conditions as may be obtained from the Publisher and its website. Send an email to: for a specific quote tailored to your needs.