A Leading Pan-African green consumer magazine with a captive audience bringing a fresh perspective 

Green issues are taking centre stage globally. Companies have begun incorporating green in corporate strategies, purposeful sustainability goals and this is evidently beginning to trickle down to consumers.

Studies carried out continue to indicate the desire from the consumers of goods and services, to reduce their carbon footprint as well as improve their health, general well being through changes in diets, eating habits and even selecting the goods and products they buy so they do less harm to our environment.

GREEN is seen by some consumers  as a NICHE market. Begging the question, how do you take GREEN to mainstream and make it not about the costs of going green or living smart but about meaningful individual changes that matter as we seek to reduce the effects of climate change, air pollution and reduce green house emissions?

Simple answer is you produce a high-quality consumer focused magazine on GREEN – AGE Magazine being a leading Pan-African magazine fits the profile – and educate, inform, inspire and celebrate all that is happening on the continent.

The magazine features authentic, grassroots issues, upcoming brands and global products and brands. Consumers buy the AGE Magazine for the quality information; they read the magazine at airport lounges, cafes and embassies for the value it adds in everyone’s life.  

Additionally, we have created a platform to advertise and influence revenue increases and sales for any brand, company in the green space/non-green space that wishes to showcase its products on our website, e-newsletters, pop-up stores and anywhere we have a presence. With a growing database, available to advertisers for use, we certainly see the magazine growing from strength to strength and expanding to all parts of the continent.

In a nutshell, AGE magazine seeks to:

  • educate, inform consumers on green issues on the continent mainly in terms of products, people, places and brands

  • encourage consumer discussions on green issues

  • demystify green issues for our audiences making it easy to read,


  • inculcate smart living habits


It’s quite simple; “green” is nature. Consumers have a need to interact with products and brands that care for the environment. They want to feel good about their role in making a difference to the mitigation of climate change (several studies have provided the proof of that).

The magazine provides consumers with information that assists in making better choices and the content also assists consumers to learn, experience and engage with their service providers, brands and communities. Some wonderful developments are happening right in our own backyard – Africa. They happen to be “GREEN.”

AGE is at the forefront of advancing the green agenda from Africa to the world.


AGE Magazine is a quarterly publication aimed at middle income urban shopper travellers and consumers of goods with keen interest in the environment and doing good in the world.

Our audience and indeed readers have been found to be on average 30-65 years old, with a university diploma or degree 

AGE Magazine is ABC audited.