Country Focus: Rwanda

Twenty two years ago, Rwanda was ripped apart by hatred of the highest order. Today, the Land of a Thousand Hills is a stable nation with a growing Gross National Product and a booming green economy.

green people

Green People Living Extraordinarily...

Living a green lifestyle may seem a daunting task for some, but in reality, there are small changes that every ordinary person can make to impact the environment positively.

Healthy Eating

Eating you way to a healthier planet...

The key to sustainability is balancing our needs with that of the planet. Maintaining good bodily health and nutrition, therefore, should not compromise the health and longevity of the environment.

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Chile bans plastic bags use

Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera, announced the ban of plastic bags, at a public ceremony in the centre of Santiago. As per the gazette by the government, large businesses have six months to phase out the

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The Green Report

Recyled plastic waste from both the 2017 Comrades and Two Oceans marathons was utilised to produce these desks. The desks are being delivered to over forty (40) schools in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. This

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Purse made from Rooibos bags makes a statement in Paris

Paris, the world renowned city of love, romance and of course, many people profess to LOVE the city. This is the home of fashion with the Paris Fashion week, one of the main highlights in

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Water Scarcity and the Retail environment

The water crisis facing Cape Town, that happens to be South Africa's popular holiday and tourist attraction has led to renewed commitment from the business community to confront the issue of water wastage and increase water

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Green issues are taking centre stage globally. Companies have begun incorporating green in corporate strategies, purposeful sustainability goals and this is evidently beginning to trickle down to consumers. Studies carried out continue to indicate the desire from the consumers of goods and services, to reduce their carbon footprint as well as improve their health, general well being through changes in diets, eating habits and even selecting the goods and products they buy so they do less harm to our environment. AGE Magazine educates, informs, inspires and celebrates PEOPLE, PLACES, PRODUCTS AND BRANDS and all that is happening on the continent. The magazine features authentic, grassroots issues, upcoming brands and global products and brands.

Consumers buy the AGE Magazine for the quality information; they read the magazine at airport lounges, cafes and embassies for the value it adds in everyone's life.  Additionally, we have created a platform to advertise and influence revenue increases and sales for any brand, company in the green space/non-green space that wishes to showcase its products on our website, e-newsletters, pop-up stores and anywhere we have a presence. With a growing database, available to advertisers for use, we certainly see the magazine growing from strength to strength and expanding to all parts of the continent.